A thought on our sub-conscious connections

Having come across the notion that we communicate through our subconscious through the ether, I was spectacle at first, but it dawned on me that this may actually be true.

Within one month, two such experiences made me rethink its power. Just under a month ago, a friend of mine passed away. Only a few months ago, that same person had crossed my mind a few times on different occasions. I never tried to contact him, but he did visit my thoughts now and again. Not long after, I came to know he had passed. I was distraught since we had made pleasant memories in the past during work.

A few days ago I went through the same thing with another friend. He had crossed my mind several times intermittently – as my typical lack of initiation failed me – I didn’t  contact him either.

I  reget not at least sending a message to say Hi to either of them. I’m usually a private person and shy to initiate any social gatherings. These two experiences have made me think otherwise.

I’m now reluctant to think of anyone – even though I know it’s not my fault what happened, it was there time, nothing anyone could’ve  done to prevent it.

My point is, that whatever the alternative healer told me the other day about sending long distance energy to someone you think of just might be true. Instead of just treating it as a coincidence that your thoughts crossed paths, at least take it as a sign to get in touch and make contact.

I pray that both find peace wherever they are.


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