Words from a wise guy

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I just came across this guys Instagram account mar7aba_howaa , his name is Hamad and he’s got a lot of short videos. In each video he gives some pretty sound advise ranging from relationships, marriage and social behaviour here in Kuwait, to name a few.

What caught my attention is his style. He’s got this intensity that I find hilarious. It’s not uncommon for guys here to have their own slogan or tagline, this guy ends all his videos with a climatic “mar7aba Howaaa!” which is funny.

Too bad it’s only in arabic because it’s entertaining. Best thing is he gives practical advise in a way that anyone can understand.

Unlike other similar accounts, like almosawee  – who gets on my nerves, Hamad has a certain likability I can relate to.

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2 responses to “Words from a wise guy

  1. Hello Kuwait Chronicles, It is really sad to read what happened between u n BG. I think u r pretending to be naive by saying that u did not know that u were flirting with her. Come on! I think u should write a post on “How to not be a douche bag! ” -SG


    • There are a few more personal details that have been left out, which I don’t want to get into. That’s a good idea for a post, thanks!
      Any pointers from your side? How are you handling your relationship? Any advise?


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