Fitbit vs Misfit

I admit I need a fitness tracker to keep me on my toes, give me a little motivation every once in a while since I’m sedentary by nature.

I’ve been using the Fitbit Charge HR since July 2015 and in Oct I got a Misfit Shine as a gift. Been wearing both ever since to compare stats and decide which to keep.

Here’s my run down of pros and cons in the most laymen non-techie terms:-

Fitbit Charge HR



  • Heart rate monitor – gives more accurate results
  • digital display shows your progress
  • app is simple to use and configure options include customising the wrist band display, food logging using US or UK food databases, food barcode scanning, silent alarms (wrist band vibration) and much more
  • sleep monitor
  • tracks the majority of common activities (running, cycling, etc.)
  • and the remaining expected array of goal setting, etc.
  • the app sends you an email of your weekly progress
  • water logging (which I find very helpful to push me to drink water!)
  • online profile dashboard
  • compatible with other fitness apps to help you reach your goals


  • the wrist band is a bit to thick for me
  • not waterproof due to heart rate sensor and charging outlet exposure
  • app social feature requires you to befriend someone with a Fitbit in order to participate in challenges.


Misfit Shine


  • small in size, sleek design
  • can be worn on the wrist via band, as a neckless or in your pocket
  • no charging, works on a watch battery and for two months now the battery is still full
  • app is simple to use and configure, options include food logging via picture, weight logging, etc.
  • app social feature allows you to add friends, but if you don’t have any with a misfit then you can compare yourself with the average of the misfit community for your gender
  • tracks the majority of common activities (running, cycling, sleep monitor, etc.)
  • waterproof under to a depth of 50 meters
  • different options for wrist bands – material, colours, etc.
  • online profile dashboard
  • can be linked to apple health app among other compatible apps to help you meet your goals


  • display is limited to only time
  • no heart rate monitor, which I feel gives more accurate results
  • food logging is limited to only taking pics of what you ate. No food database.


These are a few points from my experience. Both companies have recently introduced new products for 2016 – the Fitbit Blaze and the Misfit Ray. Both look great.

checkout more details on their websites.




2 responses to “Fitbit vs Misfit

  1. I just use run keeper app when I start my runs, and also the apple “Health” application to monitor the number of steps and KMs …

    I don’t use any smart watch or wrest band for some reason… I just wear my classic watch when I am outside the gym or workout… Like it that way 😀


    • That’s probably all you need for running since your phone can give you the major data you need to track your runs – steps, distance, map of your run and music. I would think the only thing missing is the heart rate monitoring aspect, but that’s no big deal.
      And yes, I haven’t worn a watch in a few months now since both my wrists are occupied! The cool thing about the misfit is that it’s the size of a quarter and can be worn anywhere or carried in the pocket and still log data.

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