Park hunting in Kuwait 

I use Kuwait Moms Guide as a reference when looking for things to do around Kuwait for the family.

Went to Shaab residential area public park the other day.  It’s a nice small park, quiet and has a pond with ducks and slides for the kids.

I liked the zen-like rocks around the park and the amount of trees that provide good shading. They also had ample garbage receptacles, which I appreciate.

What I didn’t like much was:-

  • the grounds are protected by any fences or wall (half wall at least) and being so close to the street in some parts makes it concerning when kids play.
  • no grass, just hard sand
  • saw an open exposed electric wires on the ground; electricity was isolated, but still shows lack of general concern.
  • was a bit noisy for me being so near to the highway

All in all it was ok, good for a short park trip.

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