Thoughts on legalising alcohol in Kuwait

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I don’t know who this guy is, but he sure makes a lot of sense!

Obviously it’s in arabic but the gist of what he’s saying is that alcohol is as part of our history and tradition as pearl diving (or words to that effect). What difference has it made by banning it, the country’s actually gotten worse. It’s high demand has only increased the illegal trafficking of banned substances and encouraging smugglers to be more innovative in their ways to provide it to the ever increasing drinking population. All laws have been put in place for specific reasons and should be subject to regular review in order to ascertain their effectiveness. It’s high time that the law on alcohol should be revisited and updated to reflect our current times and circumstances. If people want to drink, they should have the freedom to choose either the mosque or the bar. It’s not like our neighbours are different, nor Kuwait any more religious or conservative in comparison.

Even worst, it’s pushed people who would otherwise casually drink into favouring the much cheaper drugs on the streets. A bottle of vodka can go for around 100 kd (about 330 USD!!).

He’s not actually condoning alcohol, but he is clearly stating that we as a nation should review the law. Those who appose it should come up with a convincing argument backed by facts.

We need more of this sort of thinking if we want to survive as a democratic state. He’s right in so many ways. How can we criticise our forefathers who build this country. It was in their era that alcohol was allowed in hotels and homes. They set the foundations we now walk upon and depend on – the oil industry, the commercial sector, the government structure. I’m not saying they all downed a few, but those who did were not shunned or hunted.

I’m totally with the idea of allowing it back. I do foresee a lot of drunks roaming the streets, car accidents, domestic disputes, etc., but it will soon fade away and curb as booze becomes more common. It can be more controlled, like Oman for example. I’m surprised someone hasn’t allowed in based solely on the commercial aspect! Kuwait is already a monopoly in all possible ways – real estate, retail business, higher job positions, you name it are all limited to a handful of tycoons or families – imagine they permit bars and nightclubs! they’d be rolling in even higher mountains of cash.

Just think of all the positive’s instead of shutting the whole idea down without exploring all the options, that’s all we ask.


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