Gia – Restaurant Review


Gia’s a restaurant we went to based on 2:48am’s reviews here. We’ve been to it a few times now and thoroughly enjoy the food and atmosphere……but there’s just something not right.

Here’s a quick review – pictures excluded because……..who cares.


The place has great ambiance, cozy seating areas and a nice industrial refined look.


Service would be this place’s achilles heel. We went just before lunch time, so they were wrapping up breakfast orders and preparing for lunch. Nevertheless, there were plenty staff hanging around and they still managed to keep us sitting for a long time like we had leprosy! (before and after making our orders)

Even when we asked for a menu, it took ages for them to get it despite it being half-an-arms-length away.

For take-away, I recommend you double check your order before you leave, they messed up my order a few times.

Value for Money

Not that bad, it’s what you’d expect for a cafe/deli in old Salmiya.

The Verdict

3 stars

I give this place 3 stars because of the food quality. Although it’s not a huge range of food, but it is delicious. They do kick-ass quinoa salads and an amazing rice with cranberries mix.

I just wish they would work a little harder on their customer service. I see they’re expanding and plan on opening in another place, which to me means they should concentrate on this part.

I’d definitely go back, but only when I’m really really craving their food and have been preparing myself mentally for a couple of days for the delays in ordering, paying and possibly the wrong order.

This is based on my experience only, you may have better luck and not experience the unnecessary delays like I did.

check out their instagram account here ( @giakwt ) for pics, location and timings. Oh, the bio says lunch starts at 12 pm but last week I was there at 12:15 and they told be lunch is served at 1 pm. So better call and check before you go.

images taken from Gia’s instagram account.


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