Inspiration in the most unlikely places

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It could hit you at any time, unexpectedly, in the most unlikely places.

I was in the Souk Al Bahar in Dubai a while back and had to use the washroom. When I walked in, I saw a worker from either a store or the complex brushing his teeth. I mean really going at it! foam pouring out his mouth like a dog with rabies – the guy was relentless! I swear he probably depleted at least a good 2 mm of enamel!

I used the toilet, washed my hands and only when I finished drying my hands did he give up. WOW! what dedication to clean teeth. My first thoughts were; this guy looks pretty uneducated and probably has parents who don’t give a shit about oral hygiene. So where did he get this habit from? I could tell he was using colgate – or some other cheap toothpaste, which in my opinion does more damage than good. Yet he kept going no matter what.

My initial thought was over in a nano second but the guys insistence on sticking to the 2 minute rule left a lasting impression, I was inspired. Now every time I brush my teeth, I remember that guy drilling his mouth with his toothbrush.

And here I am, buying fancy toothpaste and toothbrushes pretending they’ll do the job while missing the whole point – go figure.


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