The woes of being an Arab Husband


No, this is not a complaint. I have a great relationship and understanding with my wife, I like to believe we live homogeneously. We, or at least she, talks to me and guides me when I stray. What I’m talking about is unheard of in my world as I was growing up.

I see some of my relatives’ husbands going the extra mile on chores and errands, which just boggles my mind. Imagine your wife and kids are planning on taking a quick holiday. Guess who’s doing the check in? YOU! you have to go 3 hours before the flight to check them in….by yourself with the luggage, get the boarding cards and go back home to take them just in time for them to walk casually in the plane and plot their assess down mins before take off. When forced to do such a thing, I guess the reward of their departure is worth it.

Another scenario would be, your wife goes shopping with the girls (on your account), she miraculously doesn’t know her own size and realises this only after arriving home and re-trying the item on, or worst, just changing her mind about buying it. It’s now your next day priority to hustle your ass back to the all woman’s shop to return a dress or shoe….tail between your leg…cause you know all the girls inside the shop know you’re that pushover bitch who returns things on your wives behalf. Ye3ni inta mus5ara!

How about going grocery shopping and being called and whatsapped every 2 secs because the maid forgot to write something down. Don’t forget to pick up those kotex either cuz that’ll just be another errand!!

These are just a few examples. It’s no wonder the guys stuck in this spiral are always finding excuses to be away. I know you should take care of your woman and treat her like your queen, but the line’s gotta be drawn somewhere.

I just hope the guys are being mutually compensated 😉 if you know what I mean.

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2 responses to “The woes of being an Arab Husband

  1. Hahahaha… Why do I feel that I know you ?
    You know what ? They are lucky !
    I don’t want my wife to read this because she will be like “READ AND LEARN” !

    First, if my wife wants to return anything she knows she would have to do this by herself most of the times !

    I would always check in when everyone is there ( I never knew check in is allowed without them personally attending ! ).

    Grocery shopping ? My wife also takes care of that most of the time ! Lol

    After writing this down, I dunno who is lucky more, me or your family ! LoL


    • 😃 just to make it clear, Much to the despair of my wife, I don’t do these kinds of gopher jobs, we usually do things together – mostly because I mess things up 😁
      For airport check ins, anything is possible in Kuwait if you know the right people.
      It’s good to know that we both have understanding wives.

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