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I read a post on the easy taxi app from 7ajidudes blog back in Oct 2014 (here). I really liked the idea and remembered seeing it a while back when I was in Dubai. Well, I had a chance to use it twice during my recent visit and I find it super convenient, especially if you’re going to Dubai for a special event when you know it’s hard to find a cab.

It’s easy to install the app and register; booking a taxi is even easier! The app tracks the booked taxi, which is a nifty and expected feature.

Here are a few points to keep in mind:-

– the taxi driver always called me after he was booked just to confirm.

– you can add a specific message for the driver while booking

– he’s booked under your name (or the name you registered in the app) so no one else can snatch him in your time of need.

– the cab was never more than 5 mins away, despite traffic

– a normal taxi starting fare is 5 dirhams, an easy taxi starting fare is 8 dirhams

– rush hour is considered to be between 7 am and 10 am, so during these times the easy taxi starting fare is 12 dirhams

Give it a try next time you’re in Dubai. It’s handy and you’ll never know when you need it.

Note: feature and post images taken from easytaxi.com , no copyright infringement intended


6 responses to “Easy Taxi – Dubai

  1. I remember once I had to wait for like an hour to find a free taxi in Dubai… This can be really useful specially in busy cities like Dubai…


    • Same here, I got stuck at Mercato mall on a weekend once and regretted the day I went. Even after calling the RTA to book a taxi it was still hard to find a car. This app is much more convenient.
      We also have it here in Kuwait, but the “at your own risk” version.


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