Kuwaiti Radio Show – Bader Boresly

bader b

I’m a fan of talk radio shows, not all though, just the provocative ones that make me laugh. I enjoy listening to Howard Stern the most – the old and the new stuff. I haven’t come across anyone like him in the arab world. There’s an okay talk show during the afternoon drive on Marina FM 88.8 with a bunch of young guys called who call their show “the Diwaniya”. They can be ok sometimes, when they have a nice guest, but they’re missing that slap-you-in-the-face boldness and honestly. Plus I hate when they break for a lame song, which is too often.

Which brings me to Mr. Bader Boresly. He’s a Kuwaiti poet, song writer and generally a local media guy. He used to have a weekly radio show some years back which was great. It’s not the same as Howard or the other guys where a group of people sit around and chit chat, he used to monologue about current affairs and stories of people in aggravated about the crap happing to them, mostly complaints.

The cool thing about his radio show was his style and delivery. He never disrespected anyone and was always decent. What I liked about his show was that he wasn’t afraid to make fun of the stupid things people do, and sometimes the government. I really enjoyed it while it lasted, I only wish I could’ve recorded them all. I found four recordings in my archives and wanted to share them with you – sorry this one’s for the arabic folk. The quality may not be that good but it’s listenable.

If anyone can get their hands on his other radio shows I’d be very interested!

NOTE: Pic taken from an Al Qabas newspaper article here and the recordings were made by me, no copyright infringement intended


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