Ekova – Heaven’s Dust


Never have I come across just a unique band. I wasn’t sure of what I was hearing when the first track played.

Ekova was a French-based musical trio, headed by American-born Dierdre Dubois, who originated the name. “Its roots are in echo, and ova, signifying the feminine side,” she explains. “But it’s not supposed to have a literal meaning, just a beautiful sound. I wanted a word I’d never heard before.” Much of her vocalizations share the linguistic experimentalism/artistry of the group’s name, with occasional CelticEnglish, and Persianutterances floating in between largely nonsensical syllables, as well as influences from Irish and English folk music.

It says ‘was’ above because they split up some time back. They put out only three albums but the first one (Heaven’s Dust) was great. It has a mix of downtempo, electronica, persian/middle eastern, new age and god knows what else. When I first discovered them, lots of illicit substances were being taken and I must say their sounds fell on welcoming ears.

ekova feature


  • Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore (2001)
  • Soft Breeze & Tsunami Breaks (1999)
  • Heaven’s Dust (1998)

ekova heavens dust

One of my favourite songs would be Sabura because it’s so mellow and the fade out is mesmerising. Some of the songs in the above playlist may have been removed but you can find the majority of the songs on youtube.

Hope you enjoy this different approach to music.

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