The Q-tip dilemma


Q-tips, should we or should we not use them?

I went on a q-tip diet recently, when I didn’t use’m my ears would fill with flakey wax – almost to the point of overflow; a mini snow storm on my lapels. When I switch back to the fluffy sticks I notice my ears the next day getting irritated – like i’m on a permanent plane ride. Then again when I abandon them, I find myself unconsciously burying a finder in either ear trying to scrap gravel-like wax out of’m – in public places nonetheless!.

Using a tissue to pretend clean just has a negative cumulative affect. By the end of the week – when i’m fed up of tissue massaging my ears and those embarrassing ear digging moments in meetings – I succumb to using a cotton bud and, not surprisingly, when I pull the sucker out, it’s saturated with guck and shit!!

So what’s the final verdict……anyone? we need some expert advise from the cotton swab authorities for gods sake!! one Dr. says don’t use them, the other says just around the ear and not inside. Are they aware that the wax factory starts from the inside? and that it’s nearly impossible to fight the urge to stick the thing in!

I need a final decision………..soon.

NOTE: feature image taken from here, no copyright infringement intended


2 responses to “The Q-tip dilemma

  1. I asked a specialised dr about this a month ago and he said that we clean the ear only from the outside part without putting the cotton bud inside. The ear cleans itself to put the wax out where you can remove. He says that with some people, the generation of wax seems to be more than others which needs to be cleaned only by a doctor.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to visit the doctor if this is bothering you.


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