Modern times call for modern racism


Racism has been around for ages in one form or another. Even to this day, I see it around me in homes and public places. Despite the advancements of civilisation, this phenomenon still exists. In Kuwait, it can be seen in the open, and most often, it’s practiced in private among family and friends. Blatant discrimination is exercised mostly against Indians and Filipinos – that’s not to say that we don’t distinguish between Europeans and arabs as well. I mean lots of Arabs practically give rub downs to europeans in the hopes they’ll befriend them and be invited to endless parties with free booze and maybe some non-Arab ass. Discrimination works on an upstream and a downstream. Westerners get the upstream and Asians/Indian sub-continent get the left over downstream.

You’ll find it total normal for Kuwaitis to look down upon Indians because so many of them work lower level jobs, which are seen as demeaning. Garbage men, street cleaners, general labor jobs, etc are, for the most part, occupied by Indians. This – somehow – has tarnished even the image of Indians in middle and upper management positions. It’s quite normal to see indians, Egyptians, or asians be turned down or turned away while they try to finish their government papers in which ever ministry. Sometimes for no reason but their nationality. I could be doing the same paperwork and be favoured while the expat – although having the exact same paperwork – be turned away and asked to jump through hoops . On the other hand, it can be my turn to be the monkey when I go head to head with another Kuwaiti, of which is the same creed as the worker.

Some people show their racism and mistreat people while the remainder pretend they’re open minded but are secret racists. These are the ones you have to watch out for. The ones that secretly hate you and smile at you; the ones that talk behind your back in front of you.

Kuwaitis even discriminate amongst themselves with no mercy. If your shiite or sunni, if your bedouin or not, the area you live in, the car you drive, the phone you carry, the way you talk, where you’re originally from…….and the list goes on. I’ve done it myself – i’m an error prone human after all – but it wasn’t racism more then it was mere stupidity on their part.

This is what I call modern racism. It isn’t like older times, when distinction was prominently displayed by signs. It’s now embedded within our attitudes and behaviours, it’s passed on from generation to generation being modified at each stage. My only hope is that at each stage it dissipates until it becomes a long forgotten thought.

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6 responses to “Modern times call for modern racism

    • I hope so too, for the betterment of mankind. I definitely have to start with myself, but overtime I try, the other end doesn’t give me a chance to continue my non-racial thoughts. They’re bound to do or say something to provoke the racist in me!


      • Completely agree. This is what I always tell myself as well. Starting with myself and ensuring that tomorrow we are better that who we are today. If everyone thinks this way, we will make it. But… not everyone seems to want that 😦


      • You’re right, seems lots of people are too rigid in their mindset and don’t seem to want to start with themselves. However, they’re pretty professional with criticism and helpful tips they don’t follow.


  1. Kuwaitis are so racist to each other, the bedouins are always discriminated and mocked because they’re ”tribal” and ”3agad”. The word ”3agad” is derogatory and it’s used by Kuwaitis who look down on the bedouins. Urban Kuwaitis are so racist to bedouin kuwaitis.. No offence to anyone, it’s just the truth. I feel bad for the bedouin kuwaitis and bedoon (stateless).

    I’m not saying all Kuwaitis are racist to each other, but most Kuwaitis are racist to each other. Sunni or Shiite, urban or bedouin.. the racism definitely exists in a large scale.


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