It’s strange how the world works sometimes


This has probably happened to you at least a few times in your life. An unexplainable coincidence.

I was going to my favourite nikhi ow bagila shop and I almost always take the same thing – 3 nikhi. As I was leaving the car, I thought instead of paying the guy the exact amount – which I usually do – let me take extra change and tip him since he’s never stingy with me. So I walk in the shop as the nikhi guy was finalising his account with an elder woman. She was short of the exact amount I was planning on tipping. I admit, it took me a few seconds to seize the opportunity but only because I felt a surge of benevolence coming from a strange divine interference. Like I said, I usually give the exact money but somehow this time I was consciously compelled to take extra.

I’m glad she accepted by small offer and she went on to thank me profusely.

I’m always fascinated with these strange unexplained occurrences because I still, to this day, can not hypothesis their meaning nor their unseen connections. They do make me feel good though and I hope i’m lucky enough to continue to receive them. They’re always random and always result in kindness.

On the other hand……the S.O.B. that was after me also seized his own moment, while I was being showered with words of kindness and prayers for my whole family to remain in good health, he slipped his order in and took my turn…………….rat bastard!

FYI, she was only short of 50 fils, the equivalent of about 20 cents (and 50 fils for nikhi is considered an acceptable tip, otherwise he would never insist on returning change). It wasn’t like I bailed her out of a foreclosure or anything. Just goes to show that no amount is too small.

NOTE: photo taken from no copyright infringement intended.


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