Sex after having a baby

Wife: it’s been a while since we…………you know 😉
Husband: ya, i know. hathel 9gher sheg’na (the little guy is tear’n us a new one)!!
Wife: E wullah! he always sleeps between us on our bed and can’t stop drilling himself between the pillows!
Husband: I know!….. btw, I’ve been daydreaming of you all day and those white pants just make me wanna……….
Wife: (smiles, giggles then sighs)
That’s a typical conversation that would happen between new parents. (mind the arabish, had too add it for emphasis)
I blame all those who kept nagging and breathing down our necks for years to have a baby! You all lied or knowingly withheld valuable decision making information.
I remember asking every conspirator to tell me all the ups and downs of having a baby. Granted, I did some sort of reading in preparation for what’s to come, but first hand experience trumps texts in my opinion – especially on this subject, and having asked experienced people nonetheless!
They went on to explain how wonderful an experience it is to a parent. The first steps, the first word, the first blah, blah, blah!
What they neglected to mention were their actual feelings during sleepless nights, diaper changes, soiled clothes and the list goes on.
To take care of a infant at the early stages is an arduous task, especially for a newbie like myself. We didn’t ask for much help either, we preferred to be hands-on parents and be involved at each stage – which just added more frustration and less time alone.
In the beginning, we were successful in handling the baby in a way that would give us some intimate alone time at night. Feedings and diaper change were pretty much routine and on schedule. With the infants’ lack of bold movements, we were capable to safely keep him in his cot long enough to enjoy each other.
This soon faded as he started morphing into the human version of the energizer bunny with a built-in power plant!
Intimate nights turned to night quickies. Night quickies turned to afternoon quickies. Afternoon quickies during to morning wham-bang-thank-you-mam’s and even that turned into a peck on the lips!
My faith in a continued healthy sex life is fading at the moment, or at least I’m trying to hang on by the threads. When will he be old enough for me to sit him down and explain to him the birds and the bees?
NOTE: photo taken from sheknows ( ) which is also a nice article about this subject. No copyright infringement intended.

8 responses to “Sex after having a baby

  1. OK man that is amazingly brave for you to write this and I salute you for that !! Have your wife read this ? LOOOL…

    I AGREE with what you said and now I am hesitant if my wife should read this or not !! LOL Its funny !


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  4. Hi… I was laughing and crying while reading this article…remembering this very same phase after our daughter was born… and though the intention is not to scare you further… the silver lining to that dark cloud is waaaay in the future…. Its been six years for me, and I am yet to see any lining, leave alone silver ones.. ROFL..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for sharing your experience RJM! I’ll take any kind of lining at the moment……silver, bronze, scrap metal. As long as it’s on the horizon 🙂 but six years!?! Bravo for hanging in, you’re a super star!!


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