Good Vibrations – Those embarrassing moments


It’s been a while since I last posted something and I’m not sure what’s compelling me to write this one.

Have you ever been in one of those awkward situations when you’re riding in a car – or worse a bus, train, public transport – and you get a woody. I mean a real tee-pee situation going on. You try so hard to control it but your mind is just shooting ideas and thoughts around in a frantic rush to calm the wild thing down. The more you try to figure out what triggered this blood rush to the nether region the harder it becomes! At the same time, you’re thinking what the hell to I do when I have to stand up? More thoughts fade in and out of your mind in futile attempts…….I can put my hands in my pockets when I stand up – no that’d look strange……….when’s my mom’s birthday?………that chick I saw yesterday had a nice rack……….what’s 28 x 11 + 73?……..ah fuck it, so what if they see my boner, wait….no, I give a fuck!?

This phenomenon usually happens to me when I’m really tired or jet lagged and just late enough for me to miss most opportunities to return to normal. I know for sure it’s not from seeing anything enticing because I’m usually in a foreign country taking a long taxi drive and the car is quiet. I do strongly suspect the subtle vibrations have the upper hand. But why is it happening? my mind is usually wondering between nothing and everything except ass, breasts and sex.

My final move – lost for an excuse…………………I try to pretend sleep – like I passed out from fatigue or something – then a quick tuck and move alleviates the situation coupled with a sudden onset of embarrassment which re-routes the blood flow away and I’m saved from avoidable humiliation yet another time.

Mental Control, that’s all the advise I can give.


NOTE: pic taken from , no copyright infringement intended.


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