Kuwait traffic is getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous !

Outta the way asshole!!

Aagghh!! Shit! Fuck! and every other curse word ever invented, thought of or planned to be released!

Every road I take, ever corner I turn is jam packed with cars. The highways are turning into parking lots!

I took a series of screenshots off google maps on my phone with the traffic option over a time lap of about 2 hrs (from around 12 to 2 pm) – during what I think is the heaviest time of traffic – and only the colour red increased. Oh, and the 40 road wasn’t coming up as heavy traffic for some reason, but I can assure you It was a parking lot because I was trying to squeeze through during this time. Even during loll periods there’re a lot of cars. As soon as you survive the morning rush, it’s no sooner you’re stuck in the evening rush.

Planning errands and outings used to be simple, just add a max 15 mins for journey time and you’d be anywhere in Kuwait. But now – pack a lunch, couple litres of water, full tank of gas and some light entertainment because you’re in for a long agonising ride. By the time you reach your destination, all you’ve gained is most probably some frustration, a sweat patched shirt, short temper and stronger right leg muscles! over 80% of my day is spent in the car, stuck in traffic. I’m now seriously contemplating getting a driver and a decked out van fully equipped, that way I can sleep, watch tv, play some playstation, have a cold drink from the fridge……whatever, you can even sneak in a quicky 😉

The majority of people in Kuwait don’t know how to deal with traffic, despite its growing popularity. People are rude, impatient, inconsiderate and just plain dick heads (even the woman and especially the so-called ‘religious’ fuckers!). The common driving theory is to stick as close as possible to the car in front of you. Contrary to this theory, sticking to each other in traffic only causes heavier traffic, higher risk of accidents and reduced brake pad thickness.

And I’m still not sure what the deal is with the emergency lane? can we or can we not use it? I see so many flying by on the far left that it’s now become as jammed as any other lane.


Lets start tackling this issue from now by including educational classes in all high schools about driving laws and etiquette, similar to drivers ed in the US. I assure you, if done correctly, the benefits will far out way the damage.

Any thoughts?

to be continued…..


4 responses to “Kuwait traffic is getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous !

  1. hey there! firstly thank you for the comments on mybloogle.com

    there is something i wish we could do here in Kuwait; back home (Egypt) where the traffic is 10X worse and so are the roads, the people have an App called “Bey2ollak” which basically tells you which roads are jam packed and which are ok, so u check it before heading to work and boom, you are safe.

    dont get me started on women and bearded folk! they literally “ass-sniff” the cars ahead of them to prevent you from joining their lane!

    PS yesterday i was heading home from the Mishref walkway (I run there with my group the Q8FootSoldiers every tuesday at 8PM) and traffic on the 30 @ 9:00PM was bad. i noticed the left emergency lane was “filled in” where the breaks are, so i am guessing it is now ok to take that shoulder, provided u travel @ 45KMPH.


    • Hi Ayman and thanks for the follow up comments!
      That would be a good idea to have a convenient app for local traffic. I use google maps with the traffic option on and it’s ok most of the time. It also take feed info from another app called Waze – which i noticed a lot of people are using and updating.

      Yes, 248am.com had re-posted about the emergency lane and there are restrictions and special timings, etc.

      I hope this mess will somehow be resolved………….soon, before my cortisol reach irreversible levels.


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