Pimecrolimus! What the hell are you saying?! Medicine and the undecipherable jargon that comes with it


Have you ever tried reading the Package insert ( aka Patient information leaflets ) of most of the medicines we use? Who do the people who write them think we are? You’d need the combined mind power of the beautiful mind guy and the kid from that Bruce Willis movie that decodes puzzles! and you may still need to have Stephen Hawking on speed dial.

The info always comes in very light, thin paper, super small nano print in at least two languages and compactly folded. More annoying than the endless chemical and scientific names – that have no meaning to the common man – is the goddamn fold that once undone is nearly impossible to redo!

I swear, the only med I would appreciate taking are anxiety pills just to keep me calm while I try to refold that useless paper to put back in the box. Needless to say, if the leaflet doesn’t snuggly fit back in you’re sure to either have a puffy distorted box or a crumbled ball of thin paper somewhere in garbage proximity.

All I ask is for a small section, written in a plain, clear, strait forward and simple language that any layman like myself can understand. All I need is the basic info like what the medicine is used for, what the doses are, and side affects. I really don’t need to know how and on what or who they tested the stuff on.

NOTE: pic taken from https://www.facebook.com/AmeborDotCom , no copyright infringement intended


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