Muslims and their contradictions


I’m a muslim myself and It pains me to see how contradicting the majority of their behaviours are. Between what islam teaches and the behaviour of its followers exists a gap only the individual knows how to close. Anyone who visits the middle east nowadays will surely see – actually you could also see through social media or the news. I’ll share a few observed contradictions and help me out here, if I’m wrong then please tell me.

The Hijab

One blatantly obvious contradiction is the hijab (7ijab). The wearer is meant to symbolise her devotion to islam, her modesty and to veil the temptations that drive men, especially arab men. This most often is not the case. Simple observations while walking around Kuwait’s malls will prove this. A lot of the hijab woman wear revealing clothes, sometimes more revealing than the non-hijab wearers. Even the women who wear the traditional abaya (3abaya) wear snug fitting ones to show their ass or breasts. I mean it outlines the entire body and you can tell it’s on purpose. The way they walk, ass swaying from side to side – practically dancing, calling out to you. It’s hard not to look or sneak a peak, even other woman are taking in the eye candy – how do expect us males to feel? You don’t have to show any skin to draw sexual attention, the imagination can do far more when left with comfortable room to play.

The hijab has also gone through the fashion trend motions. From the plain black cloth, to the hair-bun octopus fugly hump-on-the-head to the recent turbine – which looks like shit by the way! The hijab’s journey from it’s first incarnation till today’s modern fashion statement has only gone from better to worst. More revealing and less appealing.

This observation doesn’t by any means apply to all women who wear the hijab, but to more than you’d expect. You’ll even find older MILF’s doing the same. Tight jeans, short top and a hijab – looks like a bad hair day to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a chick in a two piece bikini with a hijab on.

You may have also heard of the part time hijab wearers. These lovely woman only wear hijab when they’re in their country and discard it the minute they leave their territorial air space.

Public Bathrooms

Another area of concern is public bathrooms. Through my travels I noticed the most vial, foul and dirty bathrooms are the ones found in muslim countries. Even in the largest and most modern of buildings or malls, the cleanest of hospitals and clinics, the common area they all fail in is the bathroom; never free of that lingering smell of day old shit or stale urine that smells of asparagus or brussels sprouts. I swear a few days ago I was in a public clinic and had to use the loo, no hand soap, no paper towels or blow drier, the toilet doors barely closed and the toilets were so worn out the porcelain was black, the floors were dirty and, of course, it smelled like shit! They had the audacity to post one of those “keep your hands clean” posters showing the importance of hygiene and how to prevent the spread of germs. Motherfuckers! how bout some tissue and soap for starters you dirty bastards! This a clinic, the epitome of cleanliness, yet it was no were to be found in the place most germs originate.

I want to correlate the cleanliness of the bathroom to the islamic way of life. Muslims are required to perform ablution (wudu) five times a day and without getting into much details, wudu requires to wash certain parts of the body while reciting some religious verses. Although many places have separate wudu wash rooms, mostly near public bathrooms, often wudu is performed in the bathroom using the normal sink. Now how can you seriously concentrate on reciting and cleansing yourself while the entire place reeks of shit and piss! Don’t tell me your divine concentration is so powerful as to completely block those pungent smells that continue to dissolve your nose hairs and penetrate you in every way. Let’s not forget, after your done washing in the bathroom, guess what, your clothes will also catch a whiff of excrement. What is prayer but an intimate time between you and god. You should always present yourself in the cleanest manner, with the cleanest of clothes and the best of aromas. The five pillars of islam weren’t haphazardly put in place, each has a specific purpose and tailored for the people islam befell. One of them being wudu, which has to be performed five times a day before each prayer or reading the Quran. Do you think it was a coincidence that we’re required to wash five times a day? I don’t think so, I think it’s because we’re so dirty that stringent measures had to be taken. This is way it’s so baffling to me that this contradiction persists. Cleaning yourself in a dirty place and not doing much about it?

Anyone here been to Japan?  You’ll find many religions and beliefs their, some people duel while others singular but the one thing in common is the cleanliness. Either public or private, they keep their stuff neat and tidy. Their automated toilet seats are a testament to their desire to keep things that way. This should be a model for muslims, we should insist this be the standard in our countries. You will most often find that islamic behaviour is practiced in non-islamic countries by non-muslims and this is their normal way of life.

We live in an islamic society that constantly contradicts itself between beliefs and behaviours. Whether it be apparel, cleanliness or personal connections (wasta). We’re going to hell in a hand basket! unless we start doing something about it. It starts with the individual.

Try to see if you can pick out more contradictions.

NOTE: image taken from pixaboy no copy right infringement intended.


3 responses to “Muslims and their contradictions

    • Thanks for your comments Jon. You’re right, there are other issues other than the two I mentioned. I didn’t want to rant on and on in one post and bore everyone. I do, however, want to be transparent about the things I see in my culture that baffle me. Racism / prejudice are next on my list.
      Terrorism……i’m not fond of associating this word with muslims only – not that you necessarily meant to. There are many other people of varied religions who practise the same terroristic activities. I don’t condone any sort by any race, creed or religion.

      Any experience of contradictions you’d like to share?


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