Copper Chimney – The Avenues Mall – Restaurant Review

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 09.25.42

Everyone enjoys a nice curry once in a while (despite the next day agony!) Copper Chimney was high on the ‘to try’ list.

Great location, what looks like nice atmosphere from afar – all the indications were pointing in the right direction.

What we ordered:-

– Dilli Ki Aloo Tikki

– Subz handi

– bhindi amchur

– parda subz biriyani

– biryani rice

– tawa batata

– naan bread

– gulab jamun

– ras malai

We enjoyed the food so much, this review is based on three visits.


Ambiance was ok. We visited their Avenues – The Souk branch which is in a nice setting.


The service was our biggest issue. They were slower than snails……no, slower than a sloth on valium! we had to frequently remind them for our food and drinks.

Even after the food finally arrived and we wolfed it down, they took way to long to clear the table. The dessert and tea arrived before they cleared the table, so we didn’t enjoy it much amongst the mess.

Value for Money

Good value for money in general.

The Verdict

2 stars

I give this place 2 stars, only because the service speed really annoyed me. The food is actually very good and that’s why we came back. I do hope they work a little more on their service. If they can fix the service issue, it goes without saying that table turn-around would increase which would mean more customers and higher profits.

I haven’t added any photos just because the food looked like what you’d expect in an indian restaurant.

The place is usually packed and you can’t call for a specific reservation, only waiting list and they’ll call you back.

They have another branch at Al Bida’a.

Feature image taken from more info on their site, including the menu.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are solely mine and not intended to discourage anyone from visiting the restaurant and trying for themselves.


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