Kuwait International Airport – Passport Control are out of control


Has anyone else noticed the woman working at passport control at Kuwait International Airport? Is it just me or are they strange looking? They either have clown make-up on, a collagen overdose or a botox accident; worst are those with a combination of all three! My personal favourite are the fake tan over-doers.

No offence, they seem to be lovely and lively ladies. I haven’t had the pleasure to meet or chat with any of them but the way is see it is they’re the first impression of our country. Imagine a first time visitor, anxious to enter the country after a long flight and an even longer wait for their visa, they finally arrive at the passport control desk and look past the protection glass to see a plastic looking woman with a disaster of a look. Now that first impression is firmly planted in that persons mind and most other impressions will be unconsciously influenced.

Yes I know not all people think like this, and I know we all have the right to our own style. The fact still remains that this particular job mostly attracts those that have a high tendency for overly exaggerated cosmetics – of any kind.

Next time you’re traveling, keep an eye out and let me know.

NOTE: feature image not mine, no copyright infringement intended.


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