The Cheesecake Factory Kuwait – The Avenues Mall – Restaurant Review


No! and the answer to your second question is …… No, most probably not!

This place’s been open for some time now and every time we pass by we’re curious to have a try. When it first opened, the hype was so exaggerated – typical for a large franchise just opening in Kuwait – we thought this would be the best ever. We managed to resist for a long time, waiting for the enormous queues to slowly subside. In the meantime, we thought we’d have a slice of their strawberry cheesecake, thinking the slice would give a good indication of the food standard, bearing in mind the place’s name in relation. Think again schmucks! the ready made frozen cheesecake at any baqala was markably better. We still persevered and continued to mull the option of dining here over and over each time we passed, waiting for the right moment.

The moment finally arrived, we were running errands, hungry for an appetising breakfast. It only took a second to decide to go in but hours to try to wash the memories away.

What we ordered:-

– butter pancakes

– french toast

– crab balls

– quesadilla

– filtered coffee

– pineapple juice

The buttered pancakes just didn’t do it for me. They were way to wish-washy and not spongy enough. I tried my best to accept them, I took as many bites as I could to give’m a fighting chance, but there was no way my mind would allow it.

I thought the french toast would redeem my first impression but it was another fail.

I can’t say much more about the quesadilla or the crab balls either.

FYI, the only freshly pressed juice available is orange, anything else is pre-pressed and refrigerated.

The menu is just way too much! overwhelming, I swear I think every type of cuisine under the sun is available! This should’ve been the sign for us to head for the hills. You can’t have that many dishes and be good at all.


Ambiance was ok, nothing special. The ceiling’s so high that any decoration is lost in space.

Music….what music? I can’t remember hearing anything. If there were any music, it was insignificant.


The service was ok I guess. It wasn’t a busy time so most of the waiters were pretty much loitering around. I wasn’t sure who our waiter was since a few provided service.

Value for Money

Not much value for money on the dishes I picked, the portions were big though. I can’t recall the bill amount although it’s what you’d expect for a mid-range restaurant in Kuwait.

The Verdict


I give this place 1 star, at the most, based on what I ordered. I can’t say the food was uneatable, but there was nothing special about what we ordered. 

I see hoards of people all the time and I can’t  fathom why! They may have better dishes but to me the standard is similar to TGIF or Appleby’s. I’ll never know if their remaining menu is any better because it’s highly unlikely I’ll be dining their anytime soon – there’re so many choices in Kuwait that if you don’t grab the tastebuds from first try then people will just move on.

The restaurant is run by Al Shaya, as you may know, if you use your NBK Master World credit card at Al Shaya outlets or restaurants you can get either a discount or NBK reward points.


                 wpid-img-20140906-wa0000.jpg wpid-img-20140906-wa0005.jpgwpid-img-20140906-wa0001.jpg 

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NOTE: The opinions expressed here are solely mine and not intended to discourage anyone from visiting the restaurant and trying for themselves.


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