Esteban – a World of Home fragrances and perfumes


In a small shop, on a small street, in a small town, near a big city is where the discovery began. She was introduced to Esteban – the makers of unique french perfumes and home fragrances while browsing that small shop and has been in love with them ever since. The story went on and colourful things happened until it finally reached Kuwait – perhaps i’ll share it another time.

The brand has a large selection of home fragrances and perfumes. What makes them so special is that their home fragrances are so finely blended and unique that they resemble perfumes. They have two distinguished collections, the Classic Collection and the Discovery Collection.

The Classic Collection has numerous fragrances that are multi-layered, capturing and sophisticated. My personal favourite is Santal and Orchidée blanche . While the Discovery Collection is more on the lighter notes, fresh and uplifting.

He’s an example of the composition of the Santal room spray as compared with Soft Vervain.

Santal (Classic Collection)

a soft-wood perfume

Lead notes: cardamome, ginger

Heart notes: sandalwood, cedar bark

Base notes: cashmere wood, vanilla, Tonka bean

Soft Vervain (Discovery Collection)

A delicate aroma of vervain infused onto lemon-scented notes.

They have scented candles, re-fillable scented candles for the decorative candle holders, room sprays, scented oils, scented bouquets, perfume and fragrance mist diffusers and their special scented ceramics, which includes scented ceramic key chains.

The scented ceramics are all proudly handmade in France – each and every piece. They are great decorative pieces for anywhere – car, home, office, etc. each collection has it’s own ceramic shapes. They are the pride of Esteban. You can recharge them by spraying either room spray or a few drop of scented oil and they last for weeks.

Their products are made in France, preservative-free, and composed from natural ingredients. 100% vegetal wax colorant-free, no petrochemical derivatives, 100% pure cotton wick, recyclable box and glass.

No matter how much I try to describe how great this brand is, you’ll never really get the feel until you try it. Trust me, the Classic Collection will add something special to any place.

They can be ordered online in Kuwait from Cadeaux Paris or you can purchase Esteban by contacting Cadeaux Paris through their Instagram account here (@cadeaux_paris)

Esteban contact number in Kuwait +965 99946119 and they do home delivery.

Esteban Official : Website

tet-066_n3 scented box_1 refresher oilink-whatsapp-image orchidee_blanche JATHIKAI  diffuser Date Green Anise Refresher oil_2  coupelles CONCENTRESDate Green Anise - Discovery Collection Scented Bouquet cmp-121_n3COLOGNECOFFRET

NOTE: photos taken from Esteban official website, no copyright infringement intended


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