Le Sushi Bar – Restaurant Review

le sushi bar feature pic


Le Sushi Bar’s been open for some time now and plenty reviewed. We never had a chance to go until recently.

What we ordered:-

Fresh Crab Salad  5.500 KD


Baked snow crab 3.950 KD

wpid-img-20140904-wa0004.jpg wpid-img-20140904-wa0006.jpg

Yuzu miso salmon 8.000 KD


Garlic rice ? KD

Soft shell crab maki 4.100 KD


All the food was great except maybe the Yuzu miso salmon was a little under-cooked for our taste. Our favourite was the baked snow crab – so good we ordered a second dish.

The fresh crab salad was also very nice, actually all the crab was very nice. They’re quite generous with the crab meat. Their garlic rice was also special, i’m not sure what was in it but i had that earthy miso taste.

The service was great and the ambience was appropriate.

Located at the Al Hamra luxury mall, you won’t run into any stuffy crowds.

I’d go back again to taste the remaining dishes (or maybe for another baked snow crab!)

Official website: Le Sushi Bar


NOTE: feature pic and logo pic not taken by me, no copyright infringement intended



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