Nikhi ow Bajil’la Review


There’s an on going search for the best nikhi ow bajil’la (chickpeas and fava beans) in Kuwait – by me and mine at least. We’ve tried at least 10 places around Kuwait and seemed to have settled on the Jabriya Block 12 shop (near Jabriya Sultan Center). Our favourite used to be the Salwa Co-op branch but the guy who worked there ran for the hills for some reason.

You’ll find a Nikhi ow Bajil’la shop in all Co-ops around Kuwait and they don’t just sell chickpeas and fava beans, they also do Aash, Jreesh and Harees – sorry but i really don’t know the exact ingredients in each but i can tell you that they’re good. These five dishes are the basics they also do lentil soups and some meat dishes – lentils mostly in Ramadan.

The basics cost a mere 350 fils – the prices have been jacked up in the recent past, they used to be 250 fils and progressed 50 fils at a time to reach a now whopping 350 fils!!



I’ve added map screenshots for the places we’ve tried, feel free to add your opinion for any places you’ve tried. I’m still looking for the best place, granted I won’t drive all the way to Um Al Hayman for nikhi though!

Al Salam Co-Op



Al Jabriyah Block 12 (close to Sultan Center)

jab block 12

Al Jabriyah (Block 7 – old Co-Op)

jab block 7

Al Shaab Co-Op


Al Daiya Co-Op


Al Ardiyah (Block 3)

ardiya block 3

Al Ardiyah Co-Op (Block 9)

ardiya block 9

Al Adailiya Co-Op


Mubarak Al Abdullah (Block 3)

abdullah mubarak


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