The follies of translation – speak Engrish prease!!

we-feel-sorry-for-you dijital

I really enjoy the site because it has hours of entertainment! one of the above pictures is taken from their site. The other photo I snapped while in Hawally a few days ago – which I also thought was nice.

Check out their site for more hilarious mis-spellings and language humour from the far east, they have loads of nice stuff that’s bound to make you smile. It’s an organised site with categories ranging from anime to food to household items and much much more. They also have a blog.

I’ve stumbled upon a few in our hometown as well – i’ll only discount the above if the person who made it swears to me that he meant to substitute the G for a J for wanting to seem “cool”.

i’ll add more as i come across them because i spotted a few that day i was in hawally. 

chime in if you have any.

NOTE: no copyright infringement intended 




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