Free business ideas for Kuwait!

During my various day dreaming sessions – many silly and maybe viable – business ideas have roamed in limbo in my head. Now some of them might be stupid, but you never know unless you try. That being said, it’s not one of my strong suits to just get up and implement or act upon any idea without allowing it to marinate for as long as it takes to lose interest. I’ve become quit the professional procrastinator.

I’ll share some here and every time another pops in my head, i’ll add it somewhere.

1. A gourmet Nikhi and Bajila Restaurant. The other traditional choices would also be available – g’reesh, y’reesh and aash. Same basic ingredients but with options for toppings (other than the yellow water they claim is lemon juice, or the cinnamon and powder sugar, or fried onion)

2. Drive-through iranian bread and/or home delivery

3. The Massage Taxi. A fully decked out van that serves as a taxi and you can get a relaxing message or treatment while in transit (since traffic is so bad). Alternatively, it can also be a home service massage, providing the spa ambience right at your doorstep.

4. The H2O Lounge. Plane and simple – a lounge with all types of water from around the world – artisan, sparkling, flavoured, etc. Imagine an interior so well done that the look alone quenches your thirst from the gruelling Kuwait heat.

I’ll let these ideas mull over for a bit while i allow more to roam.

NOTE: Featured Image taken from Learnomics Blog – Sign-of-an-entrepreneur (no copyright infringement intended – i just liked the image)


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