Beggars can’t be choosers, or so you think


Well, actually they can and my wife experienced it only days ago. Loitering outside a hospital was one of those woman that creep up on you just as you’re entering your car. Mumbling insincere prays which she thinks will convince you to give her money, especially since she knows you’ve just visited a loved one and this being a vulnerable time when most people seek   solace in god.

She went on to ask for some money to help her and her family, so when my wife gave her a 10 kd note (about $33) she said “No! I want 20 kd”. She had the audacity to refuse free money! granted, begging is not the most dignified thing, but to not accept what was given – as if she was above the offer!

Of course my wife left her standing with the 10 kd in her hand, which if it were me, I would honestly ask for the 10’er back and just walk away. I don’t want any negativity when i’m trying to put some positivity out there. I’d rather keep the positivity for myself in this case.

Just goes to show you that sometimes when you try helping someone out, who you think may genuinely need it, expect the unexpected.

NOTE: photo’s not mine (no copyright infringement intended)


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