Back and go Forth!

It’s been a long time since the last post. Lots of things have happened, the most important being Moving homes!!

Let’s do a round up of a few companies to compare services. In the line up are:



Home Centre

West Elm

Before furnishing the new place, we had planned to go to one shop and buy all our needs; just to make it more convenient for us and less risky when it comes to deliveries, warranties, assembly, etc. Of course like most things, this didn’t go to plan. While furnishing the new place (and yes it took a long time and much effort) we had the chance to see first hand how these companies do business.


This is the second time we buy flooring from Abyat and they managed to disappoint us on both occasions. Not delivering on time seems to be their MO.

After many frustrating phone calls, empty promises and hours wasted waiting for no shows – mixed with temporary high blood pressure – we manage to get them to deliver and install the floor on the same day.

(1 down, 3 to go)


So far no major complaints on delivery and service. On a side note, we bought a cabinet for 35 kd and the delivery with installation costed 25 kd, which I thought was rediculous – granted I should’ve bought more things for the delivery to best cost effective…….I think.

Oh, and I noticed that usually only one of the installation guys was the knowledgeable one, the others not so much.

(2 down, 2 to go)

Home Centre

Good time keeping and quick installation. But they still managed to damage a few items during assembly. They were happy to exchange them, which they did by the next day. Pretty good service.

(3 down, 1 to go)

West Elm

On time and efficient. The best service of the four. Their customer service call before and after deliver for comments and feedback for improvement. We had an issue with a defective table and they were happy to replace it and they genuinely were interested to find the root of the issue.

Actually, even the Al Shaya restaurants call to confirm the order and are keen to follow through.

Despite any hiccups from the above, the move was smooth.


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