The Bayan Dental Experience

I really procrastinate going to the dentist (like many others), just because I don’t like someone fiddling in my mouth while I lay helpless. I noticed a habit I develop a few days before the appointment. I suddenly brush my teeth more! thinking that somehow they’ll miraculously become crest commercial worthy or something. Even better, that if I brush more, then I won’t have to see the dentist and I can cancel the whole ordeal. There’s always a debate about which dentist to go to also, should I revisit the last one or pick a new one? So I chose a new one – Bayan Dental – Laila Tower branch in Salmiya.

Wanted to share a few points with you. First of all, the reception is literally in the elevator waiting area, but surprisingly all was smooth sailing. From first time registration to entering for the x-ray to seeing the Dr. Granted, they made me wait for 15 mins past my appointment, but what other place in Kuwait take you in on time?

I wasn’t too happy with the purple love seats blocking both emergency stair exits on either side of the elevators. It’s a tight squeeze to move past them if you really need to.


The view from the “fiddling” chair was amazing though.


No need to mention anything about their equipment or décor, all was very clean and updated.

This was only my first visit and all went well so far. I have a few more follow ups to go. So many have reviewed this Clinic so I have pretty high hopes.

Will let you know more after all the work is complete.


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One response to “The Bayan Dental Experience

  1. hi there!

    we just wanted to point out a few things, the waiting area is by the elevators because of renovations and we are expanding and taking over the entire floor, this will be fixed by next week. and we apologize that you had to wait 15 minutes

    all the best on your next appointments


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