Bice Mare Marina Waves – Restaurant Review

Decided to have Bice Mare at the Marina Waves only to compare it to the one we had in Dubai.

What I ordered:-

– ravioli stuffed with lobster in tomato sauce with shrimps and basil


The dish would’ve been great had it not been for the ton of salt! if I’d asked for Dead Sea water it would’ve been less salty!


Great ambiance, nice indoor and outdoor seating areas and décor is cozy with a nautical theme. Location is great!

Music is also appropriate.


The service was efficient (maybe because there were only two tables). Our server seemed knowledgeable about the dishes.

Value for Money

It’s what you would expect for a mid-range restaurant.

The Verdict

2 stars

2 stars because, despite the food being salted like it was going to be preserved for a millennia, the rest of the dish was fine – the pasta, sauce, lobster etc. The let down was when we informed the waiter about the dishes, all we got was “I’ll ask the chief” in reply. I was kinda expecting someone to come out and talk to us, the chief had a chance to taste some of the left over sauce (well he should of actually sampled it before serving).

FYI, in Dubai if you ever have any adverse comments about a dish – in most of the reputable places –  the chief will come to your table and discuss the issue. Most often, they serve you coffee on the house or at least something reasonable to compensate you. In our case at Bice Mare ………………………………. dead silence………………..nothing……………..naadaa!

I’ll probably not go back (al least not in the near future), only because I have so many other choices of restaurants in Kuwait.

I would however recommend more people try the place. This could’ve been a one off thing.


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