The Peacock Restaurant experience

I heard so much hype about the re-opening of the Peacock Restaurant in Radisson blu Hotel that I had to try it myself. Reservations were crazy! They’re booked well over a month in advance.

In the hotel lobby were generous groups of people anxiously waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner at 1930. As I waited, I struggled with my phone, begging for a signal as I saw the data connection flicker between  H+ and E. I was in a mobil phone signal vacuum! I don’t think the hotel calculated the signal availability properly. It was even worse inside the restaurant. So call your loved ones just after you park to say your short good byes. Any chance of connection is lost as you  walk inside.

The food wasn’t anything special, I know the menu remained the same but so what? The dinner went pretty much hiccup free other than a waiter accidently clearing one of the dishes before we were finished,  but they quickly compensated by bringing another of the same dish….
The food portions are generous and prices are very reasonable.

A couple of things did manage to get under my skin. The waiter took ages to bring the cheque and then took even longer to acknowledge that I wanted to pay by card. It felt like a millenia by the time that whole transaction was over, all the time while I was slowly being tortured by the food I ate (the spices really did a number on me!).

The other thing that annoyed me was the waiters inability to follow through. He had asked me earlier if I wanted any dish as take away, and I happly pointed out the chicken,  then he totally blew me off, even after he had prepared it !! I could see he was tending to an englishmen who had just walked in, eager to impress the foreigner,  that bastard!! I could see three waiters swarming at his table while I was counting the seconds to leave. I was so annoyed that I myself forgot my take away request.

By the way, only half the tables were taken at any one time. Either people are reserving and not coming or the management is pretending they are very busy. They called us 10 mins before our reservation to confirm.

Value for money = good
Food = nothing special
Would I return = maybe after another renovation

P.S.  I was with a veteran Peacocker who also agreed that the food was…….ok.


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