Dilmah Tea Lounge Kuwait review

I wasn’t impressed with the new Tea Lounge by Dilmah that has recently opened at the Avenues Mall. I ordered the early grey for two and when the waiter told me to it needed two minutes of steep time, the first thing that came to mind was “gimme a timer or something!”. When a friend joined us later, another waiter brought over his team with a proper sand timer. Service was inconsistent even though they had just opened and I assume that staff had completed some sort of initial training. I also noted that if you take too long to drink your first cup your second cup will end be over steeped and harsh to drink…….actually undrinkable.

The sweets were dreadful, I only had three spoons just to give myself a convincing chance. It ended up disappointing me with each spoon. The same went for both sweets. We tried the baked croissant with chocolate and date cake.

I recommend the tea be served as bags instead of loose leaf, with a side of hot water. That way the customer has more control over tea intensity.

The sweets should be outsourced.

Best of luck Dilmah Tea Lounge Kuwait.

Instagram @dilmah_kw


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