Men Time – Grand Avenues Review

Men Time – Lucid Dreaming!

I was a fairly regular spa goer a couple of years back and went to Men Time in Al-Mohalab mall the majority of the time. It was a small and cramped place but still very relaxing. I had always wished they’d open a bigger better place. That’s when we were blessed with the Men Time – Grand Avenues branch. I had a chance recently to enjoy a few of their treatments for the first time.
I was really impressed by the interior design, kinda reminded me of the Grosvenor House in Dubai. Soft brown shades, low lighting and the combination of stone, suede and wood on the walls was earthy. The Spa is spacious and very clean. The selection of music was very nice; the sound level and distribution was just right.
They boast 13 rooms of different sizes, I was treated in the larger of the rooms. Most rooms have showers, some have baths – for the more advanced treatments like wraps, etc. I saw only one room that had space for a traditional Thai massage. It would’ve been nice to have seen a room with a small waterfall or like one of the infamous rooms I keep hearing about in the ladies spa THE GARDEN.
The massage beds were comfortable and had built in heating. Rooms are kept at a reasonable temperature, neither too hold or too cold.
All the staff were courteous and attentive. The receptionist called me about 20 mins before my treatment to confirm and I was given a warm welcome. I was even given an extra 30 mins of my choosing, which made my day.
The therapist did a good job with catering to my preferences.
A great experience, with many future returns I hope.
Guys…..if your body is aching and you’re looking for a place to relax, then look no further.
Ladies……..your man deserves it and a Men Time gift voucher says it all 😉
FYI, I understand a new (larger) branch will be opening in KIPCO Tower – 40th Floor, but I didn’t ask when J
Keep in touch with Men Time Spa via:-
Facebook: /mentime.ku
Twitter: @mentime_ku
Instagram: @mentime_ku

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