Welcome to the Kuwait Chronicles Blog

     A warm welcome to all! I would have never guessed in a million years that I would
start a blog, however, seeing that any and almost everyone has already beat me to it……why not?

I plan on providing insight and opinions on what I see throughout my interactions in Kuwait. I will try to make it as factual as I can with a view to explain all sides of a story. I do plan on speaking my mind freely and openly…….that is to say, to give the audience pure unadulterated id. I also expect the same from the readers, this is a free to speak platform with no biases, race, colour or creed. The idea is to express the truth however much we can.

I guess the above could cover a basic Vision & Mission statement, although that will always be built upon as we go.

My apologise upfront for misspellings and grammatical errors……as long as the point has gotten across.


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